The Malay College Old Boys Association (MCOBA) has been in existence, in one form or another, over the last 88 years. It all began in 1929; 24 years after the Malay Residential School (later known as the Malay College Kuala Kangsar) opened its doors to the first group of students. MCOBA activities involve issues directly and indirectly related to Malay College. The spirit and generosity shown by MCOBA to the Malay College over the years has always been evident. MCOBA has continually been donating prizes, both pecuniary and in-kind, to celebrate the achievement of Malay College students.

MCOBA also gave a matching contribution towards the construction of the school’s swimming pool. More recently, MCOBA funded the setting-up of the ‘Malay College Infolab’, an intellectual garden where the resources of modern day technology were made available to the students.  Currently, MCOBA is upgrading some facilities that badly require upgrading at the Pavilion and the New School at the Malay College.

In the spirit of being good national citizens, MCOBA also recognizes its social responsibilities and has given generous donations to individuals and charitable organizations. The virtue of the generosity is twice blessed – It blessed those who gave and those who received. Thus, in many different ways, MCOBA is fulfilling its ideals. As we speak, MCOBA is rapidly evolving into a dynamic alumni organization that has become the envy of many others. In 2009, we celebrate our 80th anniversary of MCOBA. This means that the Old Boys of Malay College have been able to live together, almost like an extended family, for eight decades. It is a lot to be said, for group of young men with different backgrounds and career paths.

MCOBA has been successful through the years because individuals of so many different talents and abilities have found a common ground to share together. That common ground is simply an undying love for an old boyhood experience, which turned us into men.
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